Fox Fails To Disclose Its Ownership By News Corp.

A news organization that reports on a problem with its parent company should disclose that it is owned by the company in question.

For example, the Wall Street Journal, reporting on the recent News Corp. scandal, states very prominently, near the top, as a stand-alone 3rd paragraph:

“News Corp. owns The Wall Street Journal.” 

The July 14, 2011 WSJ article is here.

However, Fox fails to disclose its ownership by News Corp. when it reports on the same scandal.   See the July 17 Fox story, here.  News Corp.’s relationship with Fox TV gets disclosed, but that’s a different network, which does not report news. 

Why would Fox omit this disclosure?

EDIT:  I’ve done more searching and to be fair, I found many Fox and Fox stories that disclose the relationship with News Corp. 

But I found many, many stories that do not:


2 Comments on “Fox Fails To Disclose Its Ownership By News Corp.”

  1. johnnydollar says:

    I didn’t look at every one of your links, but every one I looked at was the same: the stories were not written by fox news. They were reports from Associated Press, Reuters, etc. Like every other website that runs Reuters and AP reports, does not rewrite what’s sent them because then it’s no longer a Reuters or AP report.

    Stories written by Fox News should contain the disclaimer. However, there’s no reason in the world why any AP or Reuters report (the same reports that appear on other news websites) would carry disclaimers about FNC/NewsCorp in them. Fox didn’t write these reports; they merely subscribe to these services and reprint what comes to them on the wire. If you don’t understand something as basic as that, then God knows why you are writing a blog in the first place.

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